Jiangxin Island is one of Wenzhou’s most renowned sites. With the lowest hotel rates in town, Agoda.com offers many lodging options a short distance away from National Parks. Address: Wangjiang East Road

Jingshan Park Zoo is small zoo has a terrarium, some intersting chinese birds like the white ibis and Cabot’s tragopan. It shows the big animals like the Asian elaphant, the giraffe and the hippo, along with chinese mammals like the chinese water deer, Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys and Amur Tigers.

Nanxi River Scenic Area is adjacent to Yandang Mountain (a famous world geological park southeast of Wenzhou City) in the east and covers an area of 625 square kilometers (241.3 square miles). This national scenic area is the only one marked by the rural scenery of China. Address: China, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Yongjia. Phone: +86 577 6706 1788

Wuyanling National Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Taishun County, in the southern part of Zhejiang Province. The reserve occupies a mountainous, forested area. The highest peak is Baiyun Peak, which is 1,611 metres high. Address: Taishun, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. Phone: +86 28 8556 8253

Yandang Mountains or Yandangshan refers, in the broad sense, to a coastal mountain range in southeastern Zhejiang province in eastern China, covering much of the prefecture-level city of Wenzhou and extending to the county-level city of Wenling in Taizhou prefecture.